Wow, such a great respons we got to this! The spring mentorshop program is already full, so we are opening up the spots for the fall mentorship program.

Josephin & Yoga Folks are offering a mentorship program for anyone looking to get groovy curious around their own potential – as a teacher, yoga entrepreneur and as a person.

STARTING: WEDNESDAY 6th of September, 18.00-20.00, here at Yoga Folks. This course stretches all the way until January.

Do you want to get real sharp on sequencing & teaching (cuing & coloring)? To deepen the knowledge on assisting and reading the body? To find a way of practicing and working with yoga that suits your individual needs and your life?
We will only take on a small group, so that Jos can give her utmost time and attention to each of you.

The Mentorship Program includes:

  • 5x Group zoom-meeting to go over assignments, share progress and obstacles, and get new assignments
  • Every 21 days will have a new sequence theme where the aim is to learn how to build creative, safe and new Vinyasa-classes based around themes, poems, music and mythology.
  • Personal feedback: you record your class every month and Jos will give you meticulous feedback for you to grow at rocket speed in your teachings.
  • 3 mentor meetings: we talk one-on-one to get detailed on your needs, wishes and hopes
  • 3 private yoga sessions: where we have carved out time to look at your practice, refine it and build it up. Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s hard to teach it to someone else, it all starts with you.
  • Assisting: During 3 workshops we meet in the little mentor group to work on advanced assisting, on each-other, for peer review and direct feedback.
  • Assisting classes: You will be assigned to assist a minimum of 5 classes during the spring, as to fit your schedule
  • Support group: throughout the spring we hope that the mentor group can be an added support, for questions, support, peer feedback and to share your journey – alone we go fast, but together we can go really far!

All the meetings/timings will be set together in the group, so that we make sure that everyone can attend all timings.

This is a 100 hour course, with content worth over 21.700 SEK. You will get a digital manual that will gradually be filled with content as we move through the course. We recommend that you put away a minimum of around 3-4 hours a week to get the most out of the program.

16.000 SEK
The payment can be divided into instalments, and all can be invoiced through your company if you prefer.

You sign up for the course by clicking APPLY – and once you’re application has reached us we contact you to discuss it further 🙂 Please send any questions to josephin@yogafolks.se .

Can’t wait to hear from you!