Biodynamic Yin Special with Cat Kabira

SUNDAY 22nd of May 15.00-17.00

Ready for a little yin+? Join Cat Kabira in her signature “Biodynamic Yin ” that combines longer-held restorative poses and an opportunity to dive into your subtle energetic body. This is your opportunity to meet yourself on a much deeper level, sense your own energy field, create more flow, ground and restore in a new way and go on a refreshing and enlivening inner journey. You’ll leave feeling lighter and more grounded all at once and connected to yourself in such a satisfying way. Cat weaves her energetic wisdom that’s a blend of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic practices, and a little of her own magic. Part of Cat’s magic is her ability to meet you exactly you’re at and give you the elixir that you need. Show up as you are. All levels are welcome. Modifications are given for any injury. Can’t wait to see you there!

Since 1997 I devoted myself to the paths of yoga, meditation, energy work (as well as shamanic) and various therapies to find my way through. And I did!
For decades I’ve been teaching the beauty of being here, how to stay, and what it means for you to be in your full presence and embodiment.

300 SEK (members 20% off)
or buy all 4 sessions with Cat for 1200 SEK through the “Package event”