Bravery Club

JUNE 10 17.30-19.30
300 SEK
200 SEK for members

You’re invited to come play and explore in a space where being brave is more important than being talented, perfect, cool, or any of those other things the world often asks us to be that don’t always help us shine.

We’ll explore the theme of courage and experience how rewarding it can be to be courageous, within a safe and closed container.

First, a voice and body jam accompanied by live percussion, where we together explore how we can use our voices and our bodies to teach us what it can mean to step outside our comfort zone and fly, looking inwards and exploring ourselves in the process.

Then, an open stage. But in this open stage, everybody involved helps, very deliberately and with a lot of love and care, create a really safe and cosy stage. Having a stage in this kind of container makes a performance feel much safer and warmer. And so, you’re invited to use this stage to do something that really brings you outside your comfort zone and challenges you. Something that would be far too scary to do on a less safe stage. And just feeeeeel how much you grow in the process!

What this looks like as a performance will be very different from person to person, and please feel very welcome to perform, whoever you are. Remember, here being brave is more important than being talented. All types of performance are welcome as long as there is no nudity or hate speech.

We end with a sharing circle based on how it feels to go outside your comfort zone and what it means to shine as a person.

You do not need to perform in order to join the event. You are very welcome as an audience member for the open stage of the event, and you will contribute a lot with setting the cosy space.

The level of vulnerability and supportiveness at these events makes them beautiful spaces to be in, and the jam and performances very alive and touching.

Warmly welcome!