Deep Chakra Breathwork & Cacao Ceremony

Invite the summer with a deep going chakra breathwork session

Join us for a powerful session combining breathwork and the sacred essence of cacao. A safe and held space will be created so that you can focus on one single thing: your own deep experience.

We start with a heart-opening cacao ceremony, guided by Angelica Herrera. Cacao is a plant medicine, known for its healing and expansive properties, gently opens our hearts, allowing us to connect deeply with ourselves and others. This sets the stage for what’s to come.

Following the cacao ceremony, Emil Nylander will lead a dynamic chakra activation breathwork session. Emil’s expertise in creating a safe and supportive environment ensures that you can tap into your breath, unlocking layers of emotional and energetic blockages. Through mindful breathing, you’ll activate and balance your chakras, inviting in a sense of peace, clarity, and vitality.

Meet Your Facilitators

Emil Nylander

Emil is a dedicated breathwork facilitator with a knack for helping others access their innate capacity for healing and transformation. His sessions are meticulously crafted to support deep emotional release and personal growth. He believes healing and transformation can only occur in the present moment and he carefully designs deep sessions with an eye for details.

Angelica Herrera

Ceremony and space holder Angelica will guide us in a beautiful ceremony. She brings the serene and healing energy of cacao into the ceremony, fostering an environment of heart-centered connection.

We look foward meeting you!

June 26
Wednesday 16.00 – 20.00

Members: 450 SEK
New Folks: 550 SEK