Welcome to Ground & Revitalize, a 6 week course designed for anyone looking for relaxation and release.
Tuesdays 17.45-19.00
26 APRIL – 31 MAY

In this course the aim is to help your body relax, release tension and blockages to release blood- and energy flow, as well as balance the nervous system. With the intention to boost the body’s amazing ability for cleansing and self-healing.

Breathing is crucial to all forms of yoga. In medical yoga, we put extra focus on a long deep slow breathing technique (and occasionally breath of fire). We combine our breath with mantras, to get a deeper focus and concentration in the exercises we do.

Conscious breathing, synchronized with movements and mantras, takes us through a series of exercises that are most often performed sitting on the floor. In the calm soft, and at times static, exercises, we may also find challenges, both mentally and physically. It is simple and yet at the same time also very powerful.

We are going to work with the system of Medical yoga – a calm and therapeutic yoga, developed from the Kundalini tradition.
Medical yoga was established through research and clinical studies, and has been shown to have good effects on, for example, pain relief, lowering blood pressure and helping with sleep problems and high stress levels in the body.

This is what you can expect:
Basic knowledge of the importance of the breath in connection to all the body’s functions.
Understanding, and tools for, how to balance your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
Exercises and meditations that you can easily do on your own after the course.

Rut-Malin Barklund is trained in Medical Yoga, in a holistic education that connects modern scientific research with yoga, meditation, nutrition and functional medicine.
She herself found medical yoga during rehabilitation from a long period of burnout. Where much else did not work, yoga gave her tools for both recovery, building strength and finding concentration and mental peace again.
When Rut-Malin is not doing yoga, she puts her hands on a bunch of creative projects. During this spring, she deepens her education in yoga with in a 250 h Vinyasa Krama, at Yoga Folks.

1800 SEK
Members 1440 SEK