Grow yourself

Oct 17 – Nov 14

Tuesdays 17.30 – 19.30

This is a 5 week course created to provide insights on how to tackle life’s ups and downs, to learn how to surf this rocky rollercoaster called life.

We will use a combination of exercises and self-reflections using tools from various therapeutic methods and each week has a therapeutic theme that we explore together. We work individually and together as a group.

During this course you will get new perspectives, learn new healthy coping strategies, and identify patterns in your life. Take with you insights about yourself and your relationships, become more resilient when handling life’s ups and downs. Learn how to go through life with more compassion for yourself and others.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to handle anxiety and stress
  • Explore self-identity through the lens of psychosynthesis
  • Look into attachment patterns, and what you need to feel safe and grounded
  • Learn empathic communication, how to express your needs and feelings
  • Develop self-compassion and mindfulness, building resilience and self-worth
  • Explore how to live closer to your values

This course is for you looking to explore and develop yourself.

About the teacher

We are very proud to have Josefin Kollberg as our in-house therapist at Yoga Folks! She is a certified therapist for couples and individuals. Josefin is working from an integrative therapeutic approach with a foundation in psychosynthesis, compassion focused therapy and ACT. 

Josefin takes on clients in person at the studio and online. She offers sessions and workshops in English and Swedish and she also offers coaching for groups and people within the creative field. 

More about Josefin here:


New Folks 1800 SEK

Members 1500 SEK

New to therapy or coaching? We promise a safe, grounded and welcoming space. Any questions drop Josefin an email on and she will be happy to answer