Ladder Flow

In this ladder flow we will look at our ability to retain an internal focus on our movements through a repetitive asana sequence. The aim of the session is to shift us away from the thinking, and bring us into a place of feeling and flowing.

This unique style of practice will push you outside your comfort zone to retain a set sequence learned in a short amount of time, therefore igniting your total focus and attention, ultimately preparing you to sit down, & be quiet in a final few minutes of meditation.

This class will challenge you to embody the practice in heart, head, breath and body.

Michael is an international yoga and meditation teacher, author and facilitator based in London. He’s an old friend of the studio, and Yoga Folks are SO excited to have him back over the weekend. Spending his time recording meditations for his app and project Just Breathe, travelling around the world teaching trainings and workshops, he’s a big influence and inspiration throughout Europe.
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