Parent & Kid yoga

Saturday January 20th
15.00 – 16.00

Do you love coming to Yoga Folks and want to share the vibe with your kid, grandkid or best friends kid? 

Welcome to Adult + Bambini Yoga!  

Bring your kid for a 1 hour yoga class with some inspirational movement, partner work, animal flow, rest and touch.

Each kid needs an adult to attend with, recommended ages: 4-8

The class will be guided by our two wonderful teachers: Mama Moira and daughter Stella.

It will be taught in mainly English with some Swedish translations – it will be easy to flow along no matter what your kid speaks, as we’re here to have fun and to be inspired by the shapes of different animals, amongst other things we can find in nature.

This will be 1 hour of connection and grounding – to each other, the body, the earth and our inner self. We recommend 1 adult to every kid, so if you have more kids – bring a friend! 


Yoga Folks Member + 1 kid 200 SEK
Non-member + 1 kid 400 SEK