Practical Magic with Cat Kabira (Sat)

SATURDAY 28th of May 16.00-19.00 (also runs Sunday 15.00-18.00)

Join Cat Kabira in one of her most favorite subjects in the world: energy work, magic, and how to make it work for you. Why energy work is the most practical way to care for yourself and show up in life. Whether you’re new to learning with Cat or a long-term student, she’ll always share new material to sparkle and uplevel your world.

In this weekend together we’ll dive into:
–  Understanding your own energy field
– How to strengthen it and why that’s so essential
– Why grounding is a gamechanger
– How to manage yourself if you’re an empath or highly sensitive
– Why boundaries are so badass (both yours and others)
– Mini chakra journeys
and other surprises

This weekend will be a mixture of practices you can take home and use to empower you in your life as well as some lecture to give you context. You’ll learn ways to support yourself when you feel anxious or overwhelmed and also how to own your field differently so that you feel more safe (and playful and wanting to engage!) in the world.
This is the place to come with an open mind and heart. Bring all of your questions. Come willing to practice and learn new ways and leave feeling empowered, joyful, and excited to look at reality in a whole new way. This is great if you are new to energy work and also fantastic if you’re a coach, teacher, healer, psychologist, parent or anyone ready to deepen your connection to the subtle energetic world.

Of course you’ll get the most out of this workshop if you attend both days and is designed to be suitable If you can only make one of the days. We would love to see you here!

Since 1997 I devoted myself to the paths of yoga, meditation, energy work (as well as shamanic) and various therapies to find my way through. And I did!
For decades I’ve been teaching the beauty of being here, how to stay, and what it means for you to be in your full presence and embodiment.

400 SEK (members 20% off)
or buy all 4 sessions with Cat for 1200 SEK through the “Package event”