10 DEC 14.30-18.30

Join three of Yoga Folks therapists for an afternoon of exploring new ways of going gentle and deep with yourself to find evermore internal resources for facing the fullness of life in 2022 with your whole body, mind, and soul.
Yoga therapy with Ida Farneman, Psychosynthesis with Josefin Kollberg, and Chi Nei
Tsang with Ellie Davis are our platforms and guides for self discovery, uncovery, and recovery
on Session Day!

TIMELINE FOR THE DAY might be subject to minor changes
14.30-14.40 Introduction
14.45-15.45 Yoga therapy class
15.50-17.00 Psychosynthesis group coaching exercise
17.00-17.15 Break tea, coffee, snacks
17.15-18.15 Chi Nei Tsang talk/session
18.20-18.30 Closing 

Yoga therapy
Yoga Therapy is an integrated mind-body application of yoga techniques personalized for the
current needs of the individual to restore balance and adaptive functioning to the physical
and the physiological. Ida Farneman (a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and
physiotherapy student in her final year of study) will be your guide in helping you meet
yourself exactly where you are through yoga therapy. Using movement or massage balls,
breathing practices, guided relaxation, and resourcing techniques for mental and emotional
balance you will gently work with your body on every level to release physical and emotional
tension. This is a class for every BODY!

Have you ever wondered how you might integrate the parts of yourself that you like and the
parts you don’t like so much in order to heal and grow? Synthesis of our various aspects for
growth is the very definition of Psychosynthesis. Josefin Kollberg’s base as a certified
therapist using the integrative approach of Psychosynthesis provides a safe container for you
to explore where you are in your life at the moment, what you might like to change, and
even how you see yourself and others. The group setting provides energy to help us work
individually. Josefin is the founder of Studio Syntes and works with individual clients and
couples in harmonizing their lives and minds.

Chi Nei Tsang
The Second Brain is real, Folks! Waaaaaay before the vagus nerve was a talking
point, before the term “Enteric Nervous System” could even be a twinkling of an
inkling, Taoist practitioners in ancient China were using Chi Nei Tsang to take care of
the whole human organism via the belly very effectively. In this portion of the
exploration, Ellie Davis will use her skills and knowledge as a Level III Chi Nei Tsang
practitioner to give you a brief rundown of the Taoist (aka Five Elements) view of the
vital organs and their connection to the Cosmos, then teach you a simple
abdominal self massage that you can use to take care of your own precious Enteric
Nervous System every day. Come learn why Ellie calls the belly button the “Master
Control Button”.

300 SEK
Booking is binding, can be transferred to someone else. If you want to book 2 places at the same time, please email