The Vision Quest with Cat Kabira

FRIDAY 27th of May 18.30-20.30

Do you know how powerful your own imagination is? The magic that lives inside of you? Join Cat in her potent “Vision Quest” that’s like a Yoga Nidra meets shamanic journey. Meet the inner visionary that resides in you.
Every journey is different. Cat spends time listening to the energy field of the group and then takes you on a deep hypnotic journey where you meet your own spirit, power, wisdom, and hidden spaces. Bring a notebook and pen to record your discoveries. Come with an open mind, wear clothes to relax and stay cozy in, and get ready for a journey to meet the magical You.

Since 1997 I devoted myself to the paths of yoga, meditation, energy work (as well as shamanic) and various therapies to find my way through. And I did!
For decades I’ve been teaching the beauty of being here, how to stay, and what it means for you to be in your full presence and embodiment.

300 SEK (members 20% off)
or buy all 4 sessions with Cat for 1200 SEK through the “Package event”