Voice Activation – 8 weeks

Wednesdays 9/3-27/4

About Voice Activation
Voice Activation is a vocal-personal development approach designed by Kim Gajraj. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but so is the voice! Have you noticed that you can listen to someone’s voice, without seeing them at all, and get a pretty good sense of how they are feeling? Voice Activation takes this connection and deepens it. The voice can do so much more than how we use it every day. Kim’s superpower is to get you using your voice in new ways so that you can journey more deeply into yourself, in a way that feels safe and full of ease. She guides you through getting more confident in using your voice, with an embodied approach that starts building your most authentic connection to your voice from day one. Voice Activation is not just voice coaching – it’s essential below-the-surface work to addressing any challenges you have around using your voice or making yourself heard. As you explore and develop your voice, you do many things: you develop a richer and more colourful vocal tone, you explore your creativity, you get more confident in speaking up, even when it’s hard, and you get to know yourself more deeply. Come and give yourself the gift of unlocking your voice’s power.

About the 8-week course
This 8-week course is a wonderful opportunity to really get to know your voice, in a committed and immersive way. The regularity over time lets you really integrate what you are learning into your everyday life. And as we remain a closed group for the entirety of the course, you get to deepen your enjoyment of using your voice freely with others as you feel more and more safe and connected to the group. You can expect a mixture of playfulness and depth as we explore and unlock our different vocal qualities and abilities. Kim uses both singing and non-singing tools when she works with the voice, but there is a strong musical element to most of her work. You can expect to have fun, and you can also probably expect to need to be a bit brave at times when it comes to using your voice in new ways. All from a space of compassion, nurture and respect for our own and each other’s challenges. You do not need to be a singer to join this course! You not not even need to believe that you “can” sing or have any kind of musical ear. But if you are a singer, you will also get a lot out of this course: Voice Activation works holistically with the whole body and has a strong personal development aspect that makes it very different from regular singing training. The course takes a musical approach to developing confidence and expressiveness with the voice that is likely to have effects on many areas of your life.

Kim is a holistic voice therapist and singer-songwriter who was classically trained in singing from a young age. But it wasn’t until she started her own personal development journey that she discovered what it really can be to sing and vocalise, from a space of presence and embodied connectedness to what is going on inside. Her love for the voice deepened as she drew from trainings in holistic voice therapy, trauma release, breathwork and consent and developed a way of vocalising that is so much more than everyday singing and speaking. Learning to vocalise in the most raw and authentic way has made her relationships deeper, her singing more beautiful, her speaking more moving, and has given her more power to ask for what she wants and need and say “no” to what she doesn’t. It’s also helped her be more vulnerable when she doesn’t feel good and reach out for the support she needs. She feels fuller, happier, more open and more supported by and connected to the people around her. And she is passionate about supporting you to do the same.

Members: 2000kr
Non-members: 2500 kr