Online Exclusive for Business Mind, Body & Soul

LIVE online weekly schedule

Shorter meditations On DEMAND in your Business Library

  • Ready-Set-Go | 5 min
  • No Lunch Coma | 10 min
  • Yes I Can | 10 min
  • Very Important Business Meeting |10 min
  • Meeting with Big Boss | 15 min
  • Prep for Project Meeting | 10 min
  • Picking Up My Kid Today | 5 min
  • Not Feeling Well Today |30 min
  • Whatever? Whenever. | 10 min
  • Back to Business from Sick Leave |30 min
  • TGIF | 15 min
  • Vabba | 10 min

Why Online Exclusive? Easy and affordable.

  1. Easy access, whenever, wherever.
  2. Easy administration – simpler kind of exercise, health and fitness service provided online = tax-free benefit for the employee & deductible expense for the Employer, no HR administration*
  3. All in and affordable – no fuzz, we offer one fixed price per company per month for all your employees
  4. Yes, we do way more than “just yoga”.

Our team is crazy passionate about Yoga, Meditation & doing business. Do You Want to Do Business?

Contact us for Your Business Proposal via business@yogafolks.se

The Pro’s

  1. Prevents burnout/stress
  2. Improve focus
  3. Strengthens immune system
  4. Gives mental and physical health
  5. Increase sense of well being and contentment
  6. It’s inclusive, it’s for all employees

Do you want us to share the research? Contact us for Research Papers via EMAIL business@yogafolks.se

*More information from Skatteverket here: https://www4.skatteverket.se/rattsligvagledning/edition/2021.18/324011.html