Yoga Teacher Training

Been looking for a way to dive in and deepen your yogic experience? Here’s a course for YOU, our 200 hour Foundational Training is aiming to give you the basics and dig for the roots of yoga.

Make this year your best so far IN LIFE, dive deep into the depths of yoga with us. Our second training aims to give you an extraordinary experience and certification.

Our style of yoga is based majorily on Vinyasa Krama style of yoga with the sequence based around this. After the training you will have the knowledge and understanding of postures and sequencing to create your own well rounded Vinyasa Flow class. In our history classes we will be touching on the majority of the ancient and modern day-style of yoga.


Ready for an adventure? For many practitioners taking a 200 hour training is a natural step from spending loads of time on the mat, to really start looking at the practice, getting to know the why’s and the how’s, maybe you wanna share this magnificent tradition to others or just wanna cocoon in the many layers of this system.

The focus on the training will be on Vinyasa yoga (synchronized movement of body and breath) and hatha yoga (classical system of yoga). There will be a good mix throughout the days of physical training (asanas, assisting), listening and learning (philosophy, anatomy) and introspection (inquiry, journaling).


Starting the course together for 5 consecutive days, we get to know each other, the studio, the group, the groove and you get the foundational outline of the training.
Following the integration weekend, we meet once a month for a weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, to then round it up with 5 days together again. Bohya!
We start analyzing asanas, get familiar with the 8 limbs and looking at the foundational movements of yoga such as warm ups, how to use the breath in different aspects, bandhas, koshas and chakras.

There will b drop deep-workshop with our collaborating teachers sharing tools they know truly, madly, deeply. The days will be spent together getting into the practice more and more, big focus on sequencing and teaching techniques, foundational assisting, the usage of props, incorporating sacred texts into the classes, looking at bodies, alignment and adjustments. To top the cherry cake, we have insightful, fun and practical sessions together with our amazing body worker and osteopath-to-be Karin guiding you through yoga anatomy.

The final weekend, in January, we land this spaceship together during 5 days, where we tie the knots, look at the business of yoga, closing postures and final exams. 

During the whole training there will be assistants in the room together with the lead teacher. You will get loads of support, on and off the mat!


Josephin is one of the founders of Yoga Folks and has been teaching classes, workshops and facilitating trainings for the past few years in Stockholm. She has over 1500 hours of training and facilitating/teaching. A constant dedication of bringing it back to the root, to the foundations of the practice, meeting each movement on the mat as a beginner.

Karin is one of the co-founders of Yoga Folks and has been teaching classes and workshops in Stockholm for many years. Her passion for understanding the complexity of human movement led her to her studies of osteopathy and an urge to educate ways of moving consciously, playfully and wisely, with consideration to each unique body. Karin sets out to assist students in how moments of both stillness and movement can be fun to explore whilst feeling supportive, thus creating ways of thriving in one’s body.

Kim Gajraj is a voice therapist with a background of holding space for individuals and groups, in workshop and training sessions.

Sammy Furnival is a London based yoga teacher, mover, shaker and life enthusiast, teaching a regular weekly schedule of public, corporate and private classes throughout London. As well as her regular schedule she also run various workshops throughout the year, teach at festivals, host yoga retreats both in the UK and abroad, teach, assist and mentor on yoga teacher trainings and have taught internationally in beautiful locations abroad, including Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria and India. 


– get to know your practice

– history and fundamentals of yoga

– meditation: how, when, why

– anatomy, physiology, koshas, chakras

– teaching techniques & methodology, assisting, holding space, sequencing

– philosophy

– inspirational workshops

Our training will have a lot of strong practical elements and we expect the students to be interactive and alert. There’s a big chunk of sequencing and teaching techniques so that you can come out of the training with the ability to make your own creative and intelligent sequences.

FALL 2021 (timings can be slightly changed)

Week 1 – 25th-29th August (Wednesday-Friday 07.00-17.00/ Saturday 08.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30) 

Week 2 – 24th-26th September (Friday 15.00-21.00/ Saturday 8.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30)

Week 3 – 15th-17th October (Friday 15.00-21.00/ Saturday 8.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30)

Week 4 – 19th-21st November (Friday 15.00-21.00/ Saturday 8.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30)

Week 5 – 10th-12th December (Friday 15.00-21.00/ Saturday 8.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30)

Week 6 – 5th-9th January (Wednesday-Friday 07.00-17.00/ Saturday 08.00-18.00/ Sunday 08.00-16.30) 


Yoga Folks 200 hrs Foundational Training is 45.000 SEK (inc. 6% VAT)

You pay 5.000 SEK in registration deposit, and then you can divide the payments into 3 installments.

Course fees include all tuition, mentoring, course manuals + handouts. AND, of course you get your a membership from the day you get accepted to graduation – meaning that the sooner you sign up the longer you get to practice!

A short book list of literature that support the course will be required to compliment the course and will be need to purchased by each student in addition to the course fees, list will be supplied upon acceptance.


We believe in community, and that we all need support to grow. Therefor we are always using mentors in our trainings in order for each student to have someone to cheer them up, hold them accountable and teach you how to create fabolous playlists or simply someone to turn to. All our mentors have been where you are at, and you will be introduced to your mentor in the beginning of the training. 


Q: How much homework is there? 

A: We are examining you throughout the course through assessments, and practical and written examinations. Between modules there will be light reading and short written work to be done, slightly longer towards the end of the training. We recommend you put aside around 3-5 hours weekly for readings and homework.

Q: How experienced to I need to be to join your training?

A: We recommend that you have at least 3 months of regular practice before joining the training.

Q: Will I be able to teach after the training?

A: In principle yes, you will be provided with the necessary teaching skills to teach well rounded yoga classes – but that will depend on you. From our point of view, you can connect to the teacher inside yourself by teaching from your own experience. You share where you are and what you have integrated in your regular practices. For some they do not wish to teach or might not feel fully equipped after the foundational 200 hours of training and goes on to deepen their skills with continued educations.