COUNSELLING with Josefin

Therapy for individuals and couples. 

Therapy can help you deal with issues in the past, challenges in the present and provide
hope for the future.

Explore your possibilities, potential and purpose. Get to know yourself better and find new
ways of handling patterns that no longer serve you.
Through therapy comes growth and development. It is helpful when dealing with anxiety,
stress-related issues, grief, traumas and learning about your relationships and attachment

If you feel that you would like to deal with specific areas and issues in your life, or to learn
more about yourself, this is for you.
In couples therapy we work on communication, growth and possible challenges in your

Couples therapy is for you in a relationship with a partner or for you who want to work on
your relationship with a family member, relative, friend or colleague.
Therapy is a process and time for reflection between the sessions is useful. The therapy
room is an inclusive and warm space, when we meet in person or online. It is important to
find an individual approach that works for you as a client and that you feel safe and

Josefin is a certified therapist working with an integrative therapeutic approach with a
foundation in psychosynthesis, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), compassion focused
therapy, ACT and schema therapy. She takes on clients in person at the studio and online.

Individual sessions 50 min – 900 kr
(members 10% discount)
Couples therapy sessions 90 min, for price and bookings, email
(members 10% discount)

For info and questions, email