Yoni Egg Workshop

Do you want to strengthen your lust, life-force energy and feel more radiantly alive?

Yoni is a Sanskrit word for vagina and translates as “sacred space”. When we cultivate the sexual energy through yoni yoga and yoni egg practices we cultivate our ability to feel deeper pleasure and radiantly alive! Many women also experience that when we deepen the connection with our own yoni we deepen our sense of power, femininity and self love.

A yoni egg is egg shape crystal that is worn in the yoni to enhance awareness and physical sensation as well as releasing tension. This practice is beneficial in so many ways for us women. The internal massage from the egg restores and increases the sensitivity in the yoni, which awakens and increases our sexual energy and ability to access more orgasmic pleasure. It also regulates our hormones, strengthens the pelvic floor and stimulates different reflexology points within the vagina that can help us release old trauma and tension.

The yoni egg practice is an ancient Taoist tradition that is around 3-4000 years old. It was developed by three female advisors of the Yellow Emperor to increase libido and reproductive health. The yoni yoga Cinna teaches is a mix of this very old practice together with tantra and gentle yoga.

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn about and experience the ancient Taoist Yoni Egg practice.
  • Learn micro cosmic orbit breathing to circulate your sexual life force energy.
  • Get to know and explore the different reflexology zones in your Yoni.
  • Make your breasts more sensitive though different variations of breast massage.
  • Learn about the “feminine anatomy of arousal”.
  • Cultivating a more loving connection with your yoni and hence with your power!
  • Explore your feminine essence.
  • Connect with your sacred essence.
  • Learn how to clean and take care of your yoni egg in the best way.

When we become more sensitive and aware we can feel more pleasure, both sexual lust and lust for life!

April 27
Saturday 15.00 – 18.00

Members: 600 SEK
New Folks: 800 SEK

Add 500 SEK and get a Yoni egg! This you can pay through swish at the studio when you come for the workshop.