1. General

These general terms and conditions are subject to agreements on membership of Yoga Folks Stockholm AB (“Yoga Folks”) and between the person (”Customer”) named in the purchase agreement. The membership is personal and can be transferred to but not shared with another person. The membership includes participation in the facility’s class offerings during schedule/opening hours both online and in studio (not events, workshops, courses or trainings). All memberships are digital, memberships/clip cards are digitally attached to the app and are found in the customer’s profile. No physical memberships/clip cards are distributed.

1.1. General booking rules

Booked treatment, PT, workshop, event, workshop, course or training is binding. Booking is made via Yoga Folk’s website or app. Please note that a spot for a workshop, event, course or training is guaranteed only when payment has been registered with Yoga Folks. In case of absence, full debt is charged.
Booking a class can be made by members maximum 14 days in advance, booking is made via the website or via the app. Please note that check-in must be done no later than 5 minutes before the class starts, after which your spot will be released for the benefit of drop-in or waitlist students. Cancellation of a booked class must be made no later than 1 hour before the class starts. If you miss a class you will be warned, after 3 warnings your membership is frozen for 7 days. To unlock the freezing of your membership you must email to hello@yogafolks.se. Cancellation of treatment or PT must be made 24 hours before the booking is scheduled to begin for a full refund. For workshops, events, courses or trainings paid booking is binding after the 14 days of Reimbursement Obligation and no reimbursement can be done (more on that below). When booking is made via the website, you will receive a booking confirmation via email.

2. The Distance Contract Law/Reimbursement obligation

Yoga Folks follows the Distance Contract Law (Distansavtalslagen) when selling through our website. Given that the service/training is not started/activated, the customer is entitled to receive the refunded amount for goods and services during the withdrawal period. Within 14 days from the purchase event (the ”cancellation period”) the customer (not businesses) is entitled to present a written notification to Yoga Folks Stockholm AB if he/she wants to cancel the purchase. If the customer has utilized his/her right, the amount that has been paid will be refunded as soon as possible or at the latest within 30 days from the date Yoga Folks received the payment or the booking was made. The customer has to pay the return costs himself when goods are returned. See also the Consumer Agency (Konsumentverket) and the Distance Contracts Act (Distansavtalslagen), as well as the EU’s joint dispute resolution site (EU:s gemensamma tvistlösningssida) https://ec.europa.eu/odr.
To download the ”Ångerblanketten” you can find it on Konsumentverkets website: ÅNGERBLANKETT

3. Health condition

Each customer is responsible for ensuring that their health condition is such that they can participate in activities without risk at Yoga Folks. All customers should understand that when participating in any exercise, there is a possibility of physical injury. When engaging in exercises, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities and take breaks when the body asks for it, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Yoga Folks Stockholm AB from any and all claims or causes of action. It is the customer’s responsibility to refuse hands on assists, adjustments or alignment cues if they don’t feel good.

4. Term and termination

Yoga Folks offer memberships with different binding periods. All amounts are including VAT (6%) and refer to payment in currency SEK.

Monthly Membership – “The Flirt”
– No binding time from signing: 990 SEK per month
Membership is charged monthly in advance. The notice period/cancellation is 30 days (1 month) and the termination request is sent to hello@yogafolks.se and ends 30 days after a confirmation email has been sent back to the customer.

Yearly Membership – “The One”
– 12 months binding time from signing (or upon other written agreement). Membership is charged in advance and can be paid monthly 790 SEK for 12 months, or at once 9 480 SEK.

Online Monthly Membership
– No binding time from signing: 400 SEK per month
Membership is charged monthly in advance. The notice period/cancellation is 30 days (1 month) and the termination request is sent to hello@yogafolks.se and ends 30 days after a confirmation email has been sent back to the customer.

Credit Folks – not including events or special classes
– Credit x 10: 2 200 SEK (1 clip = 220 SEK)
Clip cards are paid in advance, the money is deducted directly from the customer’s card upon purchase and is valid for six (6) months from the purchase.
– Light Therapy Credits
Credit x 10: 1 500 SEK (1 clip = 150 SEK)
Clip cards are paid in advance, the money is deducted directly from the customer’s card upon purchase and is valid for six (6) months from the purchase. This product is only valid for Light Therapy classes (not including events or other classes on the schedule).

5. Price changes

Yoga Folks has the right to adjust prices per billing occasion. If the agreement is transformed into an ongoing pending agreement, the price is then adjusted to the current price list.

6. Suspension in case of non-payment

If payment is not made according to agreed terms of payment, the customer will be suspended from booking and participating in classes until a payment is made. A reminder fee of 60 SEK will be sent out with an invoice concurrently.

7. Monthly payment

Monthly payments are made via direct debit or credit card and funded in advance. If funds are missing on the customer account/credit card during the day of charge, a reminder is sent for the non-funded monthly payment. The customer has fulfilled his/her payment obligation when the stated amount has been received to Yoga Folks bank account. If the payment has not been received to Yoga Folk’s bank account no later than the due date of invoice reminder, Yoga Folks reserves the right to charge any default interest (dröjsmålsränta) under the Interest Act (Räntelagen) and, where applicable, to make a debt collection (inkasso).

8. E-commerce

In order for the member to be able to pay for an already purchased membership, e-commerce has to be approved through the bank of the customer.

9. Freezing membership under special circumstances

Customers who, due to special circumstances, are unable to declare their membership for a certain period of time, are allowed to freeze their membership if they present a valid certificate from doctor/supervisor/physician/specialist. Freezing membership of injury, illness, pregnancy, studies, or job in a remote location is valid for no less than 30 days and no longer than 180 days.
During pregnancy, the standard freezing period is 3 months after the estimated day of birth. If the freezing period during pregnancy needs to be extended for more than the initial 3 months postpartum, a valid certificate is required. Freezing of membership must be done in advance and be confirmed in written by Yoga Folks. In case of illness the customer can apply for retroactive freezing of membership, with a valid doctor’s note.

Valid certificates:
– Illness/injury (medical certificate/statement from physiotherapist)
– Pregnancy (no certificate is required, except in cases where more than 3 months freezing is required postpartum)
– Jobs in remote locations (certificates from companies or equivalent)
– Travel for more than 90 days (round trip ticket, change of address or equivalent) The request to freeze membership is sent to hello@yogafolks.se.

10. Change of customer’s personal data

The customer must immediately inform Yoga Folks of changes of personal data, such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. Yoga Folks is not responsible for cases where any payment reminder or information does not reach the customer at the email address provided by the customer.

11. Responsibility for the customer’s belongings and accidents

Yoga Folks are not responsible for losses due to theft, burglary or for any reason damage to the customer’s or other visitors’ belongings. Yoga Folks have no responsibilities of belongings left at the center, all things will be kept in Lost & Found for a week and then donated to charity. Members can leave their mat at the center at their own risk.

12. Practical changes

Yoga Folks reserve the right to change schedules and number of workouts per week. Seasonal changes of opening hours and schedule are announced via email/newsletter and social media.

13. Other practicalities

Silence, or only necessary conversations with whispering voices, prevails in the yoga room with respect for other students and teachers. The teacher or staff at Yoga Folks has the right to ask loud students to quiet down, or leave the room until the class begins.

No bags, outerwear or mobile phones are allowed in the yoga rooms, lockers are available in the changing rooms and in the hallway. All lockers are emptied every night, remaining items will be put in Lost & Found for a week and then donated to charity.

At the end of the class, the student must wash their loan mat, fold their blankets, and put back bolsters, blocks and straps that they have used.Beyond the lounge area and further inside the space, we want you to keep a low voice and put your mobile in airplane mode. No calls are allowed in the space without the consent of the staff at Yoga Folks.

The microwave is for staff personnel only.

When the yoga room is empty it does not mean that it is available for relaxation or own practice, this must always be discussed with the staff at Yoga Folks.

Yoga Folk’s customers must not behave inappropriately towards staff, teachers, in-house colleagues or other members at the studio. Yoga Folks always has the right to suspend customers for a certain period of time or terminate memberships/clip cards with immediate effect if the customer violates Yoga Folks’ rules of conduct.

Yoga Folks is not responsible for obstacles in or limitation of practice opportunities which are due to circumstances beyond Yoga Folks’ control and which could not reasonably have been foreseen, avoided or overcome, such as fire, flooding or other major damage to the studio, strike, lockout, natural disaster, pandemic or government decision.

14. Customer register in database

All customers are registered in a database. By approving this agreement, the customer approves the registration. Yoga Folks processes information about the customer in order to be able to provide and manage customer booking and purchases that the customer has signed up for. The customer’s information is processed in accordance with GDPR. Information is not omitted to a third party unless the processing is necessary for the relevant purpose of balancing interests as a legal basis.

15. Consent

By accepting the terms, as a confirming customer, I allow withdrawals to be made from the specified bank account/credit card at the request of payee Yoga Folks Stockholm AB for transfers to Yoga Folks Stockholm AB.

16. Other payers

If another person or company who in the contract has assumed payment responsibility for the customer cancels the payments, the customer is jointly and severally liable.

17. Cookies

This site uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that contains information to help the site identify and track users. Cookies are available as session cookies and as cookies that are permanently stored on the computer. During the initial visit to the site, the browser is assigned a session cookie that is unique and used to not confuse the user with other users. In order to make full use of the website, the customer should allow cookies in their browser. This type of cookie is used solely to give the customer as a visitor a better experience and better support, and does not store any personal information. Cookies can be deleted. On this website cookies are used, for example, to keep track of the customer’s shopping cart, settings and the pages visited to be able to give the customer a better customer experience and support.