Lily Vasilevich

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Lily is manifesting in the human form, as this beautiful balance between fairy and fun! She took her 250hr Yoga Teacher Training with us here as Yoga Folks in 2022 and has been teaching yoga since.

Her classes are a sanctuary where grace meets strength, they are soft yet dynamic, playful and deep. She’ll always leave plenty of time for landing and restoration. Come and experience the gentle yet powerful journey with Lily, and let your practice bloom into its fullest expression!

Fun Facts about Lily:

🌸 What would your rock band name be? ”The Quirky Dreamers”

🌸 What will be addressed on your grave? ”In loving memory, a gentle soul who embraced the world with kindness and empathy.”

🌸 Hidden talent? Cracking jokes with a straight face

🌸 What would the soundtrack of your life be? Howard Shore “Concerning Hobbits” (I love Lotr!)