Wanna find a steady rythm where you can go deeper with your practice? Check out our courses and find new like-minded friends and dedicated teachers sharing something they’re thrilled about!

Foundational course 6 weeks

with Josephin Jansson
This 6 week Foundational Yoga course is the perfect way to begin or reawaken your yoga practice! We offer this powerful program designed to introduce new yoga students to the basic yoga techniques, and for anyone who wants to revisit the foundational practice to create flexibility, strength, peace and harmony in the body and mind.

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Parent baby yoga course

with Andrea Nanda
This 5 week yoga course are meant for all you mamas, papas, caregivers, baby soothers and your kiddo! Get strenght and flexibility, tools for creating mindful moments in your day AND spend some loving time with your baby. This course is made for babies who yet have not learned to crawl around too much 🙂

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Senior yoga course

with Ann-Cathrin Jansson
There are many benefits for seniors to practice yoga, regardless of previous yoga experience. Over the years, the joints become stiffer and this limits our mobility. Yoga softens joints and ligaments, increases blood circulation and it also increases the stability of the joints. Senior yoga is adapted to each individual and we use chairs, bolsters and blocks if necessary.

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