Newsletter April

Hey you, listen carefully hun: Snap out of hibernation Folks! Sure, it might be the season’s last snow today, but make no mistake – spring has officially sprung in Södermalm.

This burst of spring vibes? It’s like a jolt of caffeine straight to the soul. We’re feeling it big time in the studio and it’s tangible out on the streets. Oh how we love to see those sunglasses being dusted off, and flash some of those quirky legendary spring-is-back-smiles.

And in the studio? It’s all systems go. Here’s the headline – we’re finally building that new toilet! This Friday, Jos & Bella are swapping yoga mats for tool belts. Fingers crossed, by next week, waiting for the loo will be old news.

Not jazzed about toilet talk? Cool, cool. Scroll down for a lineup with a wild range between yoni eggs, nervous system and Retreats that are actually exciting.

Yoga Retreat in the South of Spain: Your Ultimate Recharge

Pack your bags for an unforgettable week at Suryalila, nestled in the serene valleys of southern Spain. This retreat is designed to extend your summer with relaxation, nourishing food, and yoga, set amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Retreat Highlights
▪ Daily juicy yoga sessions, including pranayama and meditation.
▪ Spacious schedule with ample free time for personal reflection, fun & play with the group, or exploration.
▪ Savor vegetarian, organic meals, with ingredients from their permaculture garden.
▪ Stay in unique accommodations, blending Spanish tradition with global decor.
Imagine a place where mountains meet sunflower fields, and the vibe is pure Zen. Suryalila is that dream spot, with saltwater pools, an Eco sauna, and nooks perfect for napping or playing games. Their animal squad – from alpacas to chickens – adds to the charm!

Let’s make memories together, explore inner peace, and maybe even get a tan.
Vamos, Spain’s calling – are you in?

October 5-12

Yoni Egg Workshop: Unlock Your Radiant Vitality

Dive into the ancient art of Yoni Yoga with our transformative Yoni Egg workshop. “Yoni,” a Sanskrit term for vagina, means “sacred space.” By embracing yoni yoga and yoni egg practices, you’ll amplify your life-force energy, deepen pleasure, and feel a radiant aliveness. This journey also fosters a stronger connection with your femininity, power, and self-love.

Workshop Highlights
* Learn the ancient Taoist Yoni Egg practice
* Practice micro cosmic orbit breathing for circulating sexual life-force energy
* Discover the reflexology zones within your Yoni
* Enhance breast sensitivity with massage techniques
* Understand the “feminine anatomy of arousal”
* Foster a loving connection with your yoni, tapping into your feminine power
* Clean and care for your yoni egg effectively

Saturday April 27 15.00-18.00

THE MIND: Philosophy & Sequencing Training for Yoga Teachers

Elevate your teaching with our 4-day workshop, designed for yoga teachers keen on deepening their practice and pedagogy. This segment of our 300 hr advanced training enriches your understanding of dynamic meditations, vocal empowerment, and the art of yoga sequencing for a holistic transformation.

Key Experiences
* Dynamic Meditation: Explore various meditation techniques, including rhythmic movements and OSHO meditations, to discover meditation’s vibrant spectrum.
* Voice Therapy: Guided by the talented Kim Gajraj, unlock the power of your voice, tapping into vulnerability and strength to find your unique expression.
* Sequencing Mastery: Dive into the creativity of Vinyasa Krama Yoga sequencing, learning to craft classes that resonate with authenticity and engage students on a deeper level.
* Subtle Body Exploration: Get acquainted with the intricacies of mudras, bandhas, and nadis, linking the physical and mental aspects of yoga practice.

Why Join?
This workshop is a blend of practice and theory, aimed at enhancing your teaching skills with a focus on meditation diversity, effective communication, and innovative class design. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, growing together in knowledge and warmth.

Step into a journey of professional development and personal growth. Discover new dimensions of teaching that are as enriching for you as they are for your students.

23 – 26 May

Balance Your Nervous System: 5-Week Course

Dive into a transformative 5-week journey designed to harmonize your fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest responses, fostering relaxation, releasing tension, and enhancing self-healing.

Expect to explore deep, slow breathing techniques paired with mantras to enhance focus during asanas, alongside brief theory segments to enrich your practice.

Course Highlights
* Balance your nervous system with targeted asanas and breathwork.
* Gain insights into effective breathing techniques and their bodily impacts.
* Learn about the vagus nerve and how to activate it for better health.
* Discover exercises and meditations for ongoing personal practice.

Jumpstart your journey towards a balanced nervous system and improved well-being with us this spring.

Thursdays 18 April – 23 May
19:30 – 20:45

LAST CALL FOR EARLY BIRD – Yoga teacher training retreat in India!

Embark on a 10-day transformative journey in India, designed for yoga teachers of all levels. This retreat offers a unique blend of personal practice enhancement, skill development, and cultural immersion, including firsthand Ayurveda experiences. It’s an opportunity to deepen your connection with yoga’s roots, expand your community, and kickstart the year with growth and inspiration.

This retreat is tailored to meet you wherever you are in your yoga journey, focusing on both deepening your practice and enhancing your teaching skills. It combines quiet personal practice, active skill refinement, and community building, all set in the enriching environment of India.

What You’ll Gain
* 50 hours of CPD, diving into topics like Assisting Āsana, Sequencing, Inclusivity, Critical Thinking, Theming, and Vedanta with guest lecturer Raghav Kumar.
* Practical, hands-on learning experiences for teaching refinement.
* Opportunities for relaxation, education, and exploration within a supportive community.

20 – 29 January 2025

Take care in the snow for now, keep your sunglasses close and thanks for sharing your smiles with us in the studio!

Yours always,
Josephin & Isabell and all the fabulicious folks