The Folks

Josephin Westerlund

Founder, Head of school & teacher

Josephin has over 1500 hours of training (Vinyasa Krama, Bhakti Yoga, Restorative yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, PT, Hands on assist, Sequencing, Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra and 8 years of facilitating/teaching experience.

A constant dedication of bringing it back to the root, to the foundations of the practice, meeting each movement on the mat as a beginner.

Isabell Johansson

Owner, CFO & teacher

Isabell has done the 200hrs Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training at Yoga Folks in 2021 and 50 hour trainings in Ashtanga Yoga, Mindfulness and Ayurveda. She has assisted the 250hr Vinyasa training in 2022 and is now assisting teacher for the 250hr Vinyasa training in 2023 .

She has been practicing yoga for about 10 years now and her heart beats a little extra for bringing yoga into all aspects of life, especially the business world.

Viktor Westerlund

Board member, Yoga & Blow out teacher

Viktor’s been with us from the very start, through thick and thin, anything from banging down walls, business planning to help build our community.

Viktor did his 200 hr Yoga teacher training in 2017, and loves to bring his playfulness and bright energy into everything that he does from the teachers mat.

Josefin Kollberg

Psychosynthesis therapist, Couples therapist & Yoga teacher

Josefin is a certified therapist working with an integrative approach with its foundation in psychosynthesis. 

Passionate about exploring human connections, how we in creative ways can get to know ourselves better, heal and grow. Josefin completed her 200hrs Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training at Yoga Folks in 2021. 

Ida Farneman

Yoga teacher, physiotherapist & Yoga Therapist

This is Ida Farneman, wisdom in a cute package
It was when she did her yoga teacher training in India she quickly noticed how the practice affected her, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Idas experience is that through the daily practice of movement, breath, stillness, as well as sharing and reflection she started connecting to herself in a different and more holistic way, and we are over the moon happy that she’s here to share it all with us!

Mikael Henriksson

Mikael Henriksson

Rocket Vinyasa teacher

Our Rocket Man at Yoga Folks, Micke will get you upside down, inside out and all around.

Favourite morning routine: Coffee & trying to stay alive

Ann-Cathrin Jansson

Yoga teacher & course facilitator

Yoga mama here in the house! Yoga has been a part of Ann-Cathrins life for over two centuries, and is now a full time interest and passion. Mama loves to bring the attention to the breath, emphasize the power of rest but keep the yoga available to all and everyone.

Best quote: Fit the asana to the person, not the person to the asana

Charlene Edlund

Counselor & Yoga Teacher

Char has an intuitive and spiritual approach to yoga. She welcomes you to dive deeply and explore the inner landscape of your Self, through compassionate self-inquiry, visualization, breath & self-care practices.

She is passionate about vinyasa slow flow; combining yoga philosophy and asana practice to create a soulful meditative flow.  

Charlene completed her 250hrs Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training at Yoga Folks in 2022.

Emil Nylander

Yoga & Breathwork teacher

Emil’s deep interest in breathwork began as he explored the Wim Hof method which fundamentally changed his relationship to the breath as he realized how much power it truly holds.

Through his studies of the ancient yoga teachings it became very clear that the art of breathing is somewhat of a forgotten art, which is only now starting to resurface broadly. After certifying as a breath guide at Hale center where a variety of breathwork techniques are taught, he is now facilitating sessions in a safe context where the invitation is to explore ones own breath in a playful and open-minded manner.

Moira Ingeltun

Moira Ingeltun

Self-Care Yoga Teacher

Moiz loves to indulge in self-care practices: slow flow vinyasa, yin yoga, restorative yoga, gua sha massage on the face & leggies – and yoga nidra. Lovely aspects of yoga that bring the inner and outer layers of the body, including the brain – back into homeostasis.

She is passionate about conscious rest, conscious breath and awakening a self-awareness for where ones boundaries and needs lye. 

She has completed her 250 hrs Vinyasa Krama at Yoga Folks in 2022.

Join Moiz’s classes to open the heart, enjoy slow lymphatic massage, calm the nervous system and treat yourself to some well-deserved self-care.

Alexandra Wijkman Donovan

Yoga teacher

Alexandra (but most know her as Sandra) has been teaching yoga for 20 years and it is a passion that began during her 10 years living in NYC.

Sandra has over 1200 hours in yoga training in both Hatha yoga, Vinyasa , Tantra Flow and Yin. She founded and ran Earth Yoga in Palma , Mallorca for over 10 years and also has a deep connection to nature, animals and the earth through her Shamanic Healing training.

She loves to blend her love of movement, nature and philosophy of yoga in her classes and is really happy to be a part of Stockholm Yoga Folks.

Sophia Piehl

Energy Healer

Sophia is born and raised in Stockholm and is dreaming of a life in the Mediterranean.

She is a chocolate lover, an introverted extrovert, and loves dogs more than people. Currently she is studying and exploring animal healing and is passionate about normalizing the world of energy.

Trainings: Alchemy of Touch level 1, Reiki level 1 & 2, Biodynamic Energetics level 1 & 2 with Cat Kabira, Animal Communication & Healing with Lisa Tully.

Johanna Garpe

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Johanna is passionate about sweaty flows, alignment, creating opportunities for smiles on the mat (&…arm balances…).

She loves when asana practice becomes a moving meditation where one learns and unlearns with compassion, curiosity and joy.

She has completed her 250 hrs Vinyasa Krama teacher training at Yoga Folk in 2022 and trainings in Arm balances, Inversions and Hands on Assist.

Favourite quote: ‘Learn as if you were to live forever” /Mahatma Gandhi

Trishula Littler

Prenatal, Mamma Baby Yoga, and Special Events

Trishula is a certified Yoga therapist and teacher. 

Ice Breaker & lover of colours .

She comes with an abundance of life experience, decades of personal practice, and over 15 years of teaching. Loves taking care of students and making everyone feel welcome.

Frida Starvid

Yoga Teacher

Frida Starvid is a teacher of Vinyasa Flow, Rocket, Ashtanga, and Yin yoga. A traveller at heart but based in Stockholm, she has taught in a number of studios in Stockholm as well as teacher trainings in Sweden and abroad.

She loves to create flowy and fiery classes, aiming to make the practice fun and advanced asanas more accessible. Trained as an architect, she now works as an artist.

She runs the yoga brand Furö Studios with her husband on the side.

Elinor Fredriksson

Yoga Teacher & Yogamassage Therapist

Elinor did her 200h foundation training in 2018. Since then she’s done more than 700h of training in vinyasa, yin, restorative, meditation, pranayama etc and also assisted the first 200h training at yoga folks.

For Elinor, slow is the way to go. To give time to feel and be in the moment with body, breath and mind.

Elinor is also a yogamassage therapist and lymphatic masseuse with a set of magic hands.